Tandem paragliding price in Austria Is just right, If…

We have to put the price charged for a tandem paragliding price flight in Austria in the right perspective to see that these prices (charged in Zell am See – Kaprun for instance) are very fair and that it is quite “stupid” for a passenger to bargain for a lower price. Tandem paragliding should always be “safety first”. Don’t compromise on that. Don’t take a risk on your safety by taking a nice-looking discount. Always give your pilot an incentive to give you the best flight possible. Yet you can be critical of the companies offering tandem paragliding. For the not negligible cost of a tandem flight you can expect a high level of service and attention.

Tandem Paragliding Flight Experience in Austria

One pilot per passenger

Looking at prices of tandem paragliding around the world we have to compare them to tandem skydiving, doing a round flight in an airplane, hot air ballooning, and going on hikes, climbs, and ski tours with a private mountain guide.

Tandem paragliding is one on one: One pilot per passenger. The flying takes 20 minutes (“Try-out magic” flight) or 40 minutes (“All-in-wonder” flight) (see our tandem flying options) yet the pilot will spend 90 minutes with you directly and on top of that has preparation time at home. On days with mixed weather, we may spend several hours looking at the weather forecast and current weather observations to be able to make one round of passengers happy by finding at least one-time slot where flying is safe.  

Buy new Tandem equipment regularly 

In a ski school in winter, most ski instructors are employed by the owner. The ski instructors get a lot of benefits like housing and season passes but they get relatively low pay. With tandem paragliding most pilots are freelancers who do get most of what you pay as a passenger. So don’t think that the owner of the business is having a windfall if you book with a group of 6 people. And each pilot needs to buy new equipment regularly (full equipment costs up to 6.000 euros), increase his or her skill level with courses, buy insurance, and a lift ticket, and overcome rainy days and the off-season months. So the tandem paragliding prices you see advertised are fully reasonable, especially in times of high inflation.

You save thousands of euros in a tandem Flight 

Now let’s look at your side of the equation. You get a truly unique unforgettable experience. People always love it and give 5.0 reviews without exception.

Sometimes we let customers steer the glider themselves while instructing them how to do it properly. In that case, you are doing something and experiencing something that would take you many years and thousands of euros (courses, equipment, insurance, travel, hotel, lift tickets) to learn by yourself.


Flying with VIP paragliding – Zell am See (map Location) in Austria, you as a passenger sit in front and in that way, you have the same experience as a solo pilot, while having the safety of a professional tandem pilot right behind you.

VIP-Paragliding is Much safer than solo

Even if you come back to us regularly, and you start buying our All-in VIP Day for 568 euro every few years, your tandem paragliding hobby is still super cheap compared to solo paragliding. Tandem paragliding with VIP-paragliding is much safer than what you would have if you go through all the growing pains as a solo paraglider. A solo pilot will always experience some awkward, scary, dangerous moments during his or her education and progress as a pilot. Our tandem pilots bring you the calm that we have acquired through years of training and daily flying and that’s invaluable

Becoming best friends in tandem Flight

Lastly, there is one point where you could have some issues with the price of tandem paragliding. This is when you don’t experience the level of attention and service that you could expect to spend so much money on alone or with friends and loved ones. When you book a rafting or SUP experience there is a lot of explaining and listening to questions. When you book skiing lessons you will almost inadvertently become best friends with your teacher.

At VIP-paragliding we believe that a “very important passenger” can expect this level of attention and friendship as well during the time we are together and also in the communication before and after the flight. 

Don’t bargain about the Tandem Paragliding price

If a tandem paragliding company or an individual tandem pilot gives you all of the above, then please don’t bargain about the price. It’s better to ask the pilot to fly a few minutes longer, ask to steer yourself, ask for some nice action flying, or have a wonderful discussion about the purpose of life than to ask for a bargain.

Some pilots and companies might give you an impersonal quick flying experience and make the flight a few minutes shorter and still ask for the top price. That is certainly not what you want. We encourage you to read the reviews of each company carefully and then just book and be happy you can get this experience in a fun and safe way for a GOOD price.


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