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The best gift is a voucher for the most intense experience: tandem paragliding!

Try-out Flight (15-20 Min)

This 188 euro option is the most chosen voucher to give. It’s a great basic flight never to forget. Your gift to yourself or someone else is the best gift to buy now. We will send you a nice pdf to print out.

All-in Flight (30-45 min)

If you are sure that you will give the voucher to someone who is ready to fly like an eagle, why not give him or her the all-in experience for 248 euro! We send you a personalised pdf.

Special reason

Sometimes life is not easy. Financially or otherwise. wants to spread joy around the world and supports difficult personal situations with a 99 euro voucher.

All vouchers include photo & video taken with a GoPro on a selfie stick and copied to your cell phone after the flight. The ride with the cablecar to the top of the mountain is not included in the voucher price. In Zell am See a mountain ride for a paragliding passenger costs 24 euro. In Königsleiten its 17 euro. In Salzburg you can drive to the top of Gaisberg by car yourself or take a city bus.

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