Special jubilee price of 155 euro

VIP-paragliding is celebrating its 1st birthday on June 24th, 2024.

“very important passenger”

We are so happy with our breakthrough success in setting a new standard of service and passenger attention with are “very important passenger” flights in Zell am See Kaprun, in Salzburg on the Gaisberg, and in Königsleiten.

First birthday of vip-paragliding

Why did we choose 155 euros? Because we like the number and …

Spiritually, 55 signifies a period of transformation, adaptability, and embracing the flow of life. It encourages you to trust your spiritual journey and be open to changes, even if they’re not immediately clear. This number highlights the need to harmonize your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects

And then on July 24th, we will be back at our normal price of 188 which is also nice since:

Angel number 88 is a sign of great success, abundance, and prosperity. When this number keeps appearing in your life, it indicates that exciting and positive changes are on the horizon. Your guardian angels or spirit guides are trying to prepare you for the wonderful opportunities that lie ahead.

So we hope to fly with you in this very special month and give you awesome value for money! And yes we do appreciate to get your review to share with the world how great this tandem paragliding activity really is. It’s pretty much a miracle!