female pilot tandem paragliding Zell am See Kaprun

Tandem paragliding with a Female pilot

VIP-paragliding.com is happy to announce that starting in the summer of 2024 we have a female pilot in our team. For many years especially Arab guests have been asking for female tandem pilots in Zell am See Kaprun and now finally we can offer them what they wish. For us passengers are always Very Important Passengers and we try to do whatever makes them happy. Actually as of this summer 2024 there are 2 female pilots in Zell am See Kaprun. The other one is with another company which whom we have a friendly cooperation. So with a bit of luck we can get two female pilots to take two lady passengers at the same time. Just contact us and inquire about it.

Safety is guaranteed

In general it is a good thing when the pilot is tall and at least as heavy as his or her passenger. But male pilots weighing 80 kilograms often fly with passengers of 100 kilograms and sometimes even 120 kilograms. Equally a 65 kilogram female pilot can still start with passengers weighing op to 100 kilograms or more. So female pilots fly with both male and female passengers. If a female pilot is requested for a muslim girl or woman then of course we will reserve her for that flight. But don’t be surprised as a big heavy male that we will couple you to our female pilot as well depending on the booking situation.

If a passenger is heavier than the pilot and the wind is low, it becomes quite important that the passenger is a good runner who can do a short sprint and practically pull the party like a tractor. In that case even a very lightweight pilot can simply run behind and steer the glider to fly properly. In a bit stronger winds no fast running is required. With really strong wind the take off becomes a helicopter start with no running at all. The passenger may then even be asked to sit for the start. In that case a 50 kilogram female pilot could start easily with a 100 kilogram male.

Availability of female pilots

But of course it is nicest when our 65 kilogram female pilot is paired with passengers from 20 kilogram children to a maximum of 95kg women. We will always try to make that happen. And as we wrote above on a given day we might have a second or third female pilot available too. However: we cannot guarantee the availability of a female pilot on a given day. We will tell you honestly if our female pilot is away for a competition or other reasons and she is not available on your desired flight time. In that case we hope that you understand our culture as much as we understand your culture and that you would be willing to make an exception to let a lady fly with a male pilot. Let’s be realistic: a male pilot can put the passenger gear on without touching the passenger.


With VIP-paragliding.com you are a very important passenger and we do everything to make you happy!

female pilot tandem paragliding Zell am See Kaprun
Can I fly with a female pilot?

Yes, you can! Starting in 2024 there are 2 female pilots in Zell am See. We will do our best to pair you to a woman if that is your desire or preferred in your culture. On our company there is one female pilot, but we cooperate with a company that also has one.

Do female pilots fly exclusively with female passengers?

No, female pilots fly with male passengers as well. For a male passenger it is not possible to request a female pilot however. We will pair you intelligently depending on the booking situation. In general we will let lighter passengers fly with our female pilots.

Do male pilots fly with muslim women?

Yes, we fly with arab women almost on a daily basis. And from all Arab countries: Saudi as well as Dubai etc etc. It is never a problem. So even though we have a female pilot in our team we hope it is acceptable to you if a male pilot is the only option on a given day.

Does the pilot touch the passenger?

No, it is not necessary to touch the pilot at all. During the flight there is no touch anyway because the pilot is far behind the passenger. At the start and after the landing we can tighten and remove the gear without touching. We know that with traditional women we do not shake hands or make high fives.

Does the tandem company publish photos of female passengers?

We always ask before using somebody’s photo or video. We know that this is especially not appreciated by Arab passengers and for many women a total no go. We respect that. The customer is King. Your wish is our desire.

Can women do a paragliding course and learn to fly themselves?

For sure women can and do go on courses to become pilots. There are a lot of really good female licenced paragliders in the sport. We are happy to give you all information needed to start on this inspiring journey.