Photo & Video of your Tandem Flight

With is giving you some beautiful memories on your own mobile phone right after the paragliding tandemflight is always included with the prices indicated on this website. Our standard camera is a GoPro mounted on a selfie stick.

Above you see some of the beautiful images we take during each flight. Of course on a cloudy day the images might be a little grey. We either have video running or self release photo. When we copy the images to your phone (anywhere between 20 and 100 photos) you get about 50% very good photo’s and 50% you may delete because they are doubles or simply not as nice as the other ones.

The video you get on your phone is raw. Usually you get 3 video’s: 1,5 minute of the start; 1,5 minutes in the middle of the flight (when we do a rollercoaster for instance – or when we reach the clouds very high) and 1,5 minutes of your landing. You would need to edit it to turn it into shorter snappier clips for social media. If – like in the video above – you have some footage from friends standing at the start or the landing, you can of course combine it and create a beautiful video of your experience.

At the start and landing you hold the camera. Only with somewhat difficult starting conditions (heavy passenger and/or very low wind) we may skip the start video. Each pilot will decide that for himself or herself. Safety first! In the middle of the flight the pilot will hold the camera and at the landing you will hold the camera again.

IIt used to be that passengers pay extra for photo and video after the flight. Back in the old days they even got a photo roll to develop for it. Later they got an SD card with there images. Then came the mobile phones with large storage and we could copy to your phone. Pilots were still charging for the photo’s. VIP-paragliding decided to always include GoPro photo and video in the base price. We try to minimise the distraction of making the images during the flight. Especially during start and landing you will not even notice the camera in your own hand, because it’s so exciting. If you really don’t like a camera present we are happy to make your flight even more “meditative”, however the price remains the same.

Nowadays there is something even more exciting to keep the memory of your flight. It’s called Insta360. Read all about it by clicking below!