What about paragliding with Insta360?

The ultimate way to capture your paragliding tandem flight with us is using the Insta360 camera. We are currently on the X3 but soon we will film with the brand new Insta360 X4 as well. With two 180 degree lenses this camera and it’s software will stitch just the two resulting recordings together and take out the selfie stick (!!!). Then later at home we will go and edit a few movies for you as well as take a whole series of single frames for you as high resolution photos. We will send it to you on Whatsapp and also via wetransfer.com.

The current standard in tandem paragliding is capture with GoPro filming in HD or 4K. With us that is included in the price. What are the differences with Insta360:


  • You get about 2-3 Gigabite of data (!!!) on your phone right after the flight
  • The video is uncut, so you need to find someone to do it to share it
  • The unedited video file size is too big for Whatsapp etc.
  • The video length is too long for most social media
  • The photos need to be sorted and selected to find the best shots and delete the rest


  • You get no more than about 200MB in data via Whatsapp and wetransfer
  • 3 or 4 video’s are edited, for immediate posting to social media in HD
  • 360 video is much more intense to watch and relive the experience
  • Photos are perfect frames with your perfect smile and the best lighting
  • You have to wait a few hours before you get it sent to you

The Photos

The possibility to zoom, look around and take the best shots in high resolution are amazing. The third and fourth photo are the same image with and without zoom. Take a look:

Video with Insta360

Now let’s look at the video … the first video is the full 180 degree view like in a looking glass. Normally we don’t edit it like this but it’s fun to look at anyway:

In an edit we will just zoom and move the view such that the action and the emotion of the start is best captured. See below …

And now for a wing-over and spiral which really shows the power of an Insta360 camera. During start, landing and action flying the passenger holds the camera but as said before the stick is edited out by the software.

That’s awesome right? Usually we will make 3 or 4 video’s each shorter than one minute which is perfect for social media. Raw Insta video file size will be more than 10 Gigabyte for 15 minutes of video easily. After processing with the free Insta360 Studio software (Mac only) each video file will be around 100MB. With a second regular video editor we reduce this further to about 20MB per short video in HD.

Of course there are other 360 camera’s on the market. The high quality GoPro MAX and some cheaper brands. However: Insta360 is really the absolute market leader in this new exciting area of the action video world. So for the time being we will stick with this brand and also strongly recommend it to any consumer looking to buy an action cam him or herself.

I want to buy an Insta360 X4 myself!

Great! Whether you are a skier, snowboarder, kitesurfer, paraglider or you do parcours … maybe motorcycle, horse riding or even running for that matter, just go and get your own Insta360 camera. If you then come to fly with us, we will film with your camera for free! The current price of an Insta360 X4 is less than 600 euro. Depending on the options and special kits it could be up to 800. It’s really, really good value for money. Want one? Go buy it here!

How much is it with the pilot’s camera?

Photo by Imelda on Unsplash

So now finally let’s cut to the chase and tell you how much you pay for us to record with Insta360 and send you the video edits and the photo collection. Just so you understand: it’s easily an hour of work to do it properly. But we are happy to do this for you for an extra amount of 50 euro. You simply pay this extra amount to the pilot and then some hours later, probably in the evening of the same day, you get your surprise first on Whatsapp and then via wetransfer.com. The images are 100% yours. If we want to use some on our social media or for other marketing purposes we will explicitly ask you for permission.

Other options:

  • You provide your own camera (buy here). We put it on our selfie stick. This is for free!! You may consider giving the pilot a tip though.
  • You just want the raw footage of our Insta360 because you can edit it yourself. In this case we will give you our professional 32GB U3 SD card at cost price of 15 euro and a tip is appreciated as well.
  • You have special video idea’s or requests: we will do this at a custom price.

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