Can I pay with Bitcoin?

Since (tandem) paragliding represents ultimate freedom and Bitcoin represents ultimate financial freedom we are happy to announce that it is possible to pay all flights with Bitcoin as well.

Our Bitcoin address is: 37iPeNXvnptX3FtTSNsaP1qboLeaV2Vdir

Or use this QR code to copy the BTC address:

Bitcoin sponsoring

At we would love to expand our range of tandem wings, such that we can fly with with a beautiful bright orange Bitcoin (or black-white-orange as Ed Carpenter’s beautiful Bitcoin Nascar race car) canopy as well in the future. In this way our internationally growing franchise may become a vehicle for Bitcoin marketing as well. If you believe in this idea then please consider to sponsor by transferring any amount of BTC to the address above, while dropping us a note as well. We will always respect your specific wishes and ideas once you have become one of our sponsors. And if you chip in more than 1 million Satoshi of course a free all-in tandem flight in Austria is your reward as well too!

Thanks in advance! We will keep you posted on the acquisition of the BTC wing!