Questions about tandem paragliding

Anything you always wanted to know about paragliding but where too afraid to ask …


Is it safe?

Yes it’s very safe. Tandem paragliding that is. In the solo paragliding community there are plenty of accidents. Tandem pilots however are very experienced, fly mostly locally and do not experiment with their passengers. Our liability insurance covers millions and yet is very cheap. That’s how safe it is!


Can I do it?

Almost anybody can do it. Even handicapped persons or persons with severe disease. In the worst case some friends will help with the start. There is also hardly a weight limit. Children can fly from 20kg and up. Heavy persons up to 130kg can fly although we do prefer some wind at the start with heavy persons. The heavier you are and the less wind there is, the faster the passenger must run at the start. Light passenger is never a problem. Heavy passenger in stronger wind also no problem.


Can I fly with a femaile pilot please?

Yes! In Zell am See finally we have some female pilots around. It’s for the Arab ladies and maybe western men like it too. We have male pilots too of course. They are still the majority. And in certain circumstances so extra strength and explosive power is helpful. Read our article from the list below as well too please!

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