Passenger Checklist Winter

You booked a tandem paragliding flight or are considering to book a flight today or tomorrow. Read our FAQ below about what you should bring and why and how. And check the information about our meeting point(s) as well too.

In winter as a skier or snowboarder you can simply keep your skiing boots or snowboarding boots. The latter are always good. The former is not so good with light wind (faster running necessary especially for heavier passengers). Alternatively wear high mountain shoes or snow boots (ankle covered) for winter flights. Only when the snow is firm, when. it hasn’t been snowing for 10 days or more…. the snow cover is hard and a regular sport shoe will do. If you are light compared to the pilot’s weight, then the start is always possible, but you might have wet socks from the snow after the flight.

The good thing about flying in winter is that full ski gear is perfect to fly. Skiing is faster than flying so if it’s good to ski or snowboard, then it’s good to fly. So only to non skiers we have to explain what to wear. That would be a set of long underwear. A truly warm winter coat. Good gloves (we can lend you some). Warm socks. A buff or shawl around the neck. We have a helmet for you so no head gear or beanie is needed.

It’s very important to keep the hands warm in the mountains. More important that the legs for instance. So if it’s cold make sure you are wearing your own or our gloves. If you want to use your telephone during the flying wear thin under gloves that allow you to operate your phone.

In winter on a cold day ski goggles are best for paragliding. We can lend you one with our passenger helmet. On warmer days regular sunglasses are fine. You will not loose it during the flight. That never happens. You can also switch between both during the flight. We have time and the flying is calm.

This is the best tip: don’t leave your ski helmet at home if you have it. Bring it together with your goggles and you will be happy to wear it.

We have a lot of storage pouches, so always at least bring your telephone and your wallet along. We need your telephone at the end to copy the photo and video of our GoPro to you. Also you may want to send a message to your onlookers at the time of the start or after your safe landing.

Bring many things but not stuffed into a larger Rucksack. We can carry a lot of things like extra jackets, or even your teddy bear (haha) but just put it in a plastic bag to bring it to the mountain.

Its never helps when you think negative or when you are too fearful. With a positive attitude you can always do it. And we help to bring you into this positive mood of course. Be honest if you are nervous and just tell us! During your paragliding tandem flight you will certainly relax and be completely at ease.

At VIP-PARAGLIDING we want to help you and onlookers to have the best experience together so usually we will send a few Whatsapp messages about the best meeting point. It could be on the mountain (especially when you will be skiing before/after your flight, or at the valley station of the cableway. In Zell am See Kaprun it’s usually at hotel Sonja Alpine Resort at the landing site, especially when you are not skiing (anymore that day). For our other locations see the information given here for Wald-Königsleiten and here for Salzburg (Gaisberg).

The weather always changes on the north side of the Alps. Many days we cannot fly or only a few slots per day. With the owner of VIP-PARAGLIDING being a trained meteorologist we are always doing our best to keep your slot open or find an alternative slot for you. Please be a little bit flexible than we will make it happen for you. Of course if we are lucky we have a phase of stable sunny high pressure weather when you are here and we fly all day and there is never an issue.

At VIP-PARAGLIDING we are specialised in winter flying too and we are excellent skiers. So we provide you with the extra special option to start and land on ski’s if you want. This is possible on all of our locations except Salzburg (Gaisberg). The best sport for starting and landing on ski’s is Wald-Königsleiten. In Zell am See Kaprun it’s possible when there is still snow in the valley for our landing on ski’s. In wintertime we often also land in the Schmittenvally close to the cableway. That’s a very practical solution if you want to get back to skiing quickly.

Starting and landing on snowboard boots is perfect but flying with the snowboard is more of a stunt than something seriously to consider. So leave the board on the mountain or let the staff bring it down in the cableway, so you can pick it ups easily at the valley station after your flight.

So we hope this information prepares you well for your (decision to book a) paragliding tandem flight. If you haven’t made a booking yet, go and book here.