tandem paragliding in zell am see kaprun is so much fun

Passenger Checklist summer

You booked a tandem paragliding flight or are considering to book a flight today or tomorrow. Read our FAQ below about what you should bring and why and how. And check the information about our meeting point(s) as well too.

Especially when it’s slippery and when you are a bit heavier it’s very important to have good shoes. Grass can be slippery in the morning when it’s wet. If we have nice light wind at the start it’s all less important. You could start on any shoes then. In strong wind again it’s better to have good shoes with profile. If your shoes are completely white and clean we cannot guarantee that they will stay clean. Grass tends to give of some green coloring. But usually it’s OK. Don’t forget to tie your shoe laces well: it’s not the first time that somebody looses a shoe at the start (usually we get it back haha).

It all depends on the weather and your type of flight. The longer thermal flights will bring you high up where it is many degrees colder even in summer. Also you are sitting in front in a 35-50kmh wind so at least cover your neck nice and warm by closing your jacket fully or wearing a buff or shawl. You can always bring two coats, because we have enough spare storage to put one coat away if it’s too hot to wear it.

It’s never wrong to wear thin gloves. In the spring when sometimes higher up it is still freezing the pilot will have some nice warm gloves for you if you don’t have them. Of course if you want to use your telephone to take pictures it’s good to have gloves that still allow you to use the telephone. But you can also take one of for a minute. On normal warm summer days we don’t need gloves of course, even if we go higher.

You can fly with your regular glasses. It doesn’t have too be sun glasses. But sun glasses are nice. So if you have it, bring it. You can also fly without any glasses. Especially in cloudy weather. It’s never dangerous for the passenger to fly without glasses. It’s fully OK.

Always take your mobile phone with you on your flight. The photo and video from our GoPro will be copied too your telephone after the flight. You can communicate with onlookers before and after the flight. Send them a message that you are about to start or have safely landed. We even enable you with an elastic leash to secure your telephone so you can make some special extra images during the flight.

We have enough storage space for small bags and/or a wallet. So it’s always smart to carry it with you.

We can easily store a small bag, but not bigger rucksacks etc.. So please think about that. A plastic bag is perfect. Bring as much loose stuff as you like. Bring your teddy bear haha!

Its never helps when you think negative or when you are too fearful. With a positive attitude you can always do it. And we help to bring you into this positive mood of course. Be honest if you are nervous and just tell us! During your paragliding tandem flight you will certainly relax and be completely at ease.

At VIP-PARAGLIDING we want to help you and onlookers to have the best experience together so usually we will send a few Whatsapp messages about the best meeting point. It could be on the mountain, at the valley station of the cableway, but in Zell am See Kaprun it’s usually at hotel Sonja Alpine Resort. For our other locations see the information given here for Wald-Königsleiten and here for Salzburg (Gaisberg).

The weather always changes on the north side of the Alps. Many days we cannot fly or only a few slots per day. With the owner of VIP-PARAGLIDING being a trained meteorologist we are always doing our best to keep your slot open or find an alternative slot for you. Please be a little bit flexible than we will make it happen for you. Of course if we are lucky we have a phase of stable sunny high pressure weather when you are here and we fly all day and there is never an issue.

So we hope this information prepares you well for your (decision to book a) paragliding tandem flight. If you haven’t made a booking yet, go and book here.