Föhn over the Alps means No flying Today

Once more the Alps are “plagued” by Föhn. In the Italian Alps a ton of snow is falling and on the northern side stormy winds are pressing through the valleys that are aligned along the north – south axis. Today the detailed ICON D2 Weather model even shows a beam of wind pressing over the Bodensee, the huge lake, that separates Switzerland, Austria and Germany reaching all the way to Frankfurt at a height of 1500m.

At our Schmittenhöhe in Zell am See Kaprun the winds are not so extreme but there is a risk of sudden sharp increases. As long as the direction is easterly the threat is not so big, but once it’s southerly and over 25kmh we have to be careful. At vip-paragliding.com our experienced tandem paragliding pilots never gamble with the weather. We know our limits and stay within them. For your ultimate safety. For our flight options see here.

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