Very mixed weather for Paragliding

May 2024 has been a very mixed bag. We had days with the most amazing thermal flights and many rainy or too windy days, where paragliding would be not safe. With tandem paragliding it’s always safety first. So … we simply cancel when it’s not safe. But we do our utmost best to find a slot where you can still have this amazing experience.

The video above is an example of a flight on last Friday where there were barely 2-3 hours of good weather to fly. As a meteorologist I love to find these weather windows and get you airborne.

Not today however. Today it’s even snowing at Schmittenhöhe. Imagine! On June 1st, which is the beginning of meteorological summer.

Look at the snow on Langwied this morning, the first station at 1976m when you go up the glacier. Further up it’s totally winter like. Skiing is still open this weekend. But could easily be extended many weeks. So much snow is up there. I’m sure our Arab guests will be amazed when they go up for tobogganing and snow fights later this summer.

So when are we flying again? Not today haha. Tomorrow we may find a weather window at around 16.30 o clock. Monday the same. And maybe Tuesday to Thursday could be really good. Keep you posted.

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