New location: Weissensee in Carinthia

Every year in January thousands of compatriots (Dutch) descend upon lake Weissensee in the beautiful and sunny Carinthia. Back in 2020 I participated in the awesome Alternative 11 City Tour (Alternatieve Elfstedentocht) and really managed to skate the full 200km’s. That year I also made my first solo paragliding flight there. This year was “the moment” (see my Dutch report).

This year everything seems predetermined. Good weather but too much wind on the north side of the Alps. Perfect mild northwesterly at the Weissensee. And the ice so bad that I didn’t bother to go skating. I immediately had my focus on the paragliding. First flight solo. Then a skater and solo pilot approached me that he wanted to join me and that his friend was dying to fly tandem with me.

Going up with the guys in the gondola we met a woman who also was dying to give it a try on her free day. And another woman from her group was also keen to give it a go. So I had my first 3 try-out tandem flights there now. Will be much bigger in the years to come! Next to the regular flying in Zell Am See Kaprun. The info page is here.