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Are u ready to take off like an eagle and soar over the mountains. Tandem paragliding lets rou experience ultimate freedom! Are you ready to leave your worries behind and feel pure bliss? Let us treat you like a VIP and fly with you with limitless fun and ultimate safety.
We fly at 3 top locations: Zell am See Kaprun, Salzburg (Gaisberg) and Königsleiten.

Our USP’s

Only with

  • Dutch spoken (🇳🇱 owner) + 🇩🇪 🇬🇧 🇫🇷 🇪🇸
  • Transport to gondola by VIP Taxi
  • GoPro photo & video INCLUDED!!!
  • Unique: video of your start and landing
  • Option: Full Insta360 recording & edit
  • Use your phone camera safely (with leash)
  • Personal flight plan for you and onlookers
  • High quality binoculars for onlookers
  • Voucher for free day solo course (value €80)
  • Choose flexibly between 15-20 and 30-40 minutes
  • Fly cross country for up to 3 hours
  • Pay with cards or phone
  • And much more ….

What can I expect?

Your paragliding tandemflight

  • Friendly highly qualified pilots
  • Good instruction for start
  • Easy & safe start
  • Flight style for your fun & comfort
  • You can hold the toggles too
  • Rollercoaster if you want
  • Switch to longer 40 minute flight possible
  • Gentle landing
  • Video & Photo included
  • Copied to your phone


We focus on you and your dream flight

If you book us, we take time for you. If you are two or more we will make it an extra special experience for everybody. You will never forget your flight with us. Many passengers come back for more.

Mankind has always dreamt of flying. They say that pioneers like the Wright brothers made it happen, but the real easy human flight only emerged with the arrival of paragliding in the 80’s. Nothing beats this. Tandem flying is the way to experience this yourself literally under the wings of a professional pilot. He is behind you though so you have the true “eagle experience”. If you dare we let you take the toggles and steer yourself.

We let you hold the toggles and steer, if you want!

If you have the courage, we will realise your dream of flying with safe tandem paragliding

our Priority

Tandem paragliding in Zell am See Kaprun

Your unforgetable flying experience is our priority! It is just a truly amazing experience that will make you come back for more. With us in Zell am See Kaprun, Königsleiten, Gerlos, Hochkrimml or Salzburg.

paragliding zell am see kaprun
Years of experience

Our focus is your safest introduction to flying, thermal flying or XC flying

Tandem paragliding is very safe. Important is to never fly in extreme weather. With our own professional meteorologist on the team we guarantee your safety.


Experienced pilots

Friendly, competent, experienced pilots


Top gear

Equipment checked and tested each year.


weather forecast

Weather forecast by professional meteorologist.

Only for Very Important Passengers (VIP)

Share our passion for flying and come back again and again

Our passengers are very important passengers. Between 20 and 120 kg body weight we focus on your voyage and we explain exactly what you need to be able to take off with us together.

minutes in the air
thermal flight minutes
(feels like forever)
happy people flew with us
(and you can too)

Paragliding FAQ’s

What you need to know about tandem flying

Tandem flying is real flying. Like an eagle. It’s not Disneyland. We are out in nature. Every flight is very safe but also very different. Our pilots are passionate to always fly the route that will be most fun and most comfortable for you.

Paragliding started when in the 80’s parachute jumpers discovered that it was possible to use the wind and running to open their chutes starting from a mountain top. Then designers took over and made ever better and safer wing forms. We don’t jump! We run and glide!

As a passenger you sit fully open air looking from the heights unimpeded like an eagle does. You feel the (mostly calm) wind, and sometimes a little G-force. Because you have to start in tandem with us it is truly your flight. You did it!

VIP Paragliding is the tandem company where you are not a number. We love to interact with passengers from all over the world. Many clients keep coming back for more. Many have become our friends. .

We have fixed prices but when you come with a group of people, of course we can discuss a benefit for you. Especially if you can cooperate with the transport from the landing site to the gondola.

The full day program is the cheapest and safest way for you to fly like solo pilots do. We make a first quick flight in the morning so you understand the start and landing. After tea or coffee we fly a second time possibly already in good thermals. After having lunch together we now really go for it. Depending on how you feel and the weather everything is possible. Even a flight of one or two or three full hours flying from ridge to ridge is possible. And for sure you can hold the toggles and learn to fly yourself that way.

Our prices!

VIP Paragliding is the paragliding company fully focussed on quality, safety, service and friendship. Feel welcome in our magic world. We share our passion with you.

Photo & video from GoPro (copied to your mobile phone via USB card reader after the flight) is INCLUDED in our prices (we do not charge 30 euro extra for that) … and you also get a video of your start and landing. The video of the start is really super nice to watch back many times. Also we enable you (if you want) to use your own mobile phone to make an extra set of beautiful images and video during your flight. More information about all that here.

Try-out Magic

This is it! The magic 20 minute flight including photo & video (copied to your telephone). With over 1200m altitude difference it’s a beautiful flight that you will never forget.

  • Instruction & Flight
  • Minimum 15 min
  • fly As you like it
  • Unique: Video of start
  • More Photo & Video
  • Insta 360 optional
All-in Wonder

This is the wonderful 40 minute thermal tandem flight in which we rise high above the mountains and you get to enjoy spectacular views of Zell am See and its lake.

  • Full instruction
  • Long flight (min 30)
  • altitude guarantee
  • Learn how to hold toggles
  • Photo & Video included
  • Insta 360 optional
Ultra VIP Day

The top experience for somebody who has done it before and now wants to go all the way. Including morning flight, coffee/lunch and a 1-3 hour afternoon flight.

  • Full Instruction
  • Multiple flights
  • perfect weather
  • Learn how to Hold toggles
  • lunch time break
  • Photo, Video, Insta360

Click here and claim your special jubilee price: 155 including photo & video!

For more information on our prices and the price of tandem paragliding in general please read our blog post Tandem paragliding has just the right price, if …

Choose Insta360

May we suggest that you spend a little extra to have your experience captured with our Insta360 camera? Instead of getting a bunch of raw GoPro photo and video on your mobile phone (many Gigabytes) you wait a few hours and then get truly stunning imagery that we picked and edited for you by hand on our MacBook Pro. You get it via Whatsapp and What we send you is just 200MB in HD quality. If you want 4K or more that’s also possible. Read all about it in our article here. And if you want to buy your own Insta360 X4 camera just click here. We will film with your own camera for free!

Example of a video shot with Insta360

And now enjoy our social media!